Don't Turn the Scissors on Yourself.

Let me set the scene for you. You’ve been swiping right enough times where you think you’ve finally found “the one.” They say, “We should meet Friday! There’s a cool new cocktail spot downtown that my friends have been talking about.” You jump on the opportunity considering you’ve seen enough of their online photos to know they are definitely your future spouse.

“Great! See you Friday. ;)”

Now it’s time to get all your ducks in a row. You make sure your work is squared away, laundry is done, and your car is clean. There is only one thing you can think of that is left; get your hair cut. You’ve been putting it off for a while and it certainly doesn’t resemble the fresh-off-the-chair look that’s in your dating app pictures. So the next step, naturally, is you call up your hair stylist and make an appointment (or wait in the barber shop if you’re classic like that). This person is the one that can do that one thing with your hair that no one else can seem to get right. You’ve seen them prove it time and time again. They are a trained professional.

Image is an enormous part of representation for a business that is often made light of by small businesses due to often inaccurately perceived costs. Whether the presentation evokes a desired emotion, provides ease of functionality, or both as it should, the brand identity should be a complex machine working to turn consumers onto your service. If there is a cog missing somewhere in your machine, believe me, people notice. You can surround your sales floor with pretty surroundings, but is the website and other promotional material cohesive with the sleek, new, spinning iPad register you purchased? Those do-it-yourself website makers can’t produce the same results as a professional’s touch. Expensive toys with a do-it-yourself website is like wearing an evening gown or tuxedo with socks and sandals. No one’s sold.

When you make the decision to hire a professional designer who knows their craft you get benefits you wouldn’t receive if you went ahead with it by yourself. For instance:

No designer would be caught dead using templates.

Templates are all over the do-it-yourself services and in one bar’s case, seemingly worked to embarrass them. You want your image to be as unique as your service, right? Don’t make the mistake of going the tacky template route. You’re better than that!

Search engine optimization

The back end isn’t something a lot of small businesses think too much on. Another advantage to having a professional work for you is that they know how to set you up for success through search engine optimization. A skilled developer knows just the right language, code, and procedure to make your website rank highly when a potential client or customer is Googling for a service you provide.

Put your feet up for once.

Now I could spend more time talking about the concrete ways you can see a difference between do-it-yourself versus a professional designer, but there’s one stand out reason that is the most convincing. It saves you time. You’re a small business owner. Honestly, is this something you’re going to want to sweat over by yourself? You have a business to run and fiddling with templates and other nonsense will only add pointless stress.

So in the case of our digital dating friend, they wanted to put their best foot forward. They really wanted to impress their date and make sure the entire package was impressive. You wouldn’t try to do a fade cut or craft an intricate updo on yourself before an important event, would you? Since you value your presentation as an essential part of your brand, don’t make the mistake of turning the scissors on yourself.

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