How We're Changing the Game with Restaurant Design Retainers.

What's the problem?

If your restaurant, bar or café is anything like most in Chicago, when you need a POS display, a window sign, a plating chart, a menu, a header for your Facebook page or... well, anything really, you are forced between two choices:

  1. Make one yourself, as best as you can.
  2. Find a freelance designer to take care of it.

As you know, neither is a perfect solution. If you make it yourself, no matter how much time and effort you put into it, it's probably not going to quite match your brand, and it's likely to look amateurish, potentially cheapening your brand and hurting guest confidence. If you try to hire a freelancer, first you have to find one, then you have to deal with briefs, proposals, and, in many cases, flakiness and high prices.

The ideal solution.

In an ideal world, you'd simply open up your computer, and type up a quick message:

Dear Designer, 

I'd like a POS display, please. It needs to be 8.5" x 11," and it should say:  
"Free block of tofu with every Soylent Green & Gravy." 



You'd receive an email back:

Hey There Restauranteur, 

I can have that with you in your brand typeface and colors by 11am tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Much Love, 


Imagine that: No searching for a freelancer, no quotes, no proposals, no fuss. It would be just like emailing someone on your management team. Best of all, imagine if you didn't even have to bother with an invoice; It would already be paid for. Okay, Stop imagining. We've made it happen.

What we've built.

We set out to make a design retainer package specifically for Chicago restaurants. We identified some of the common pain points of dealing with designers, and we've eliminated them, piecing together what we feel is the simplest and best value design retainer for restaurants, cafés and bars in the city of Chicago. Here are some of our favorite parts:

  • For restaurant groups with four or more locations, the cost per location is less than hiring a full-time server in Chicago.
  • Consistent pricing each month; no mysterious rates or surprises.
  • Each member of your management team receives access to a ticket system to request design, and track progress of design requests.

Kom Creative design retainer ticket system login

  • Guaranteed 24 hour ticket response times.
  • We set up a menu template, drink build sheets, and table setting charts free in the first month.
  • We reach out to all members of your management team each month to discuss their upcoming requirements so that you don't have to, ensuring that your retainer is used to its maximum potential.
  • We send out a report each month detailing the work completed.

How it works

Let's again pretend that the GM needs that POS display. Here's what they'd do:

  1. Log in to the ticket system, and type us up a message, like so:Submitting a ticket through the Kom Creative design retainer ticket system
  2. That's it.

Within 24 hours, the GM will receive a confirmation, letting them know that the ticket was received, when the work will take place, and asking any relevant questions the designer may need to fill the request.

There's no need to search for a freelancer, no proposals, no briefs, no hassle. Because the package is pre-paid every month, there's no need to worry about invoices either.

How this is changing the game:

With our restaurant retainers, we're taking professional design and making it accessible to food-service businesses of all sizes, not just the big players. If you can afford to hire a new barista in Chicago, you can afford one of our restaurant design retainers.

Beyond accessibility, with our design retainers, food-service clients have the support of a designer behind any and all of their communication to their staff and their guests. This makes sure that all communications are professional, effective, and on-brand, enabling the smallest café to inspire the kind of brand confidence in their guests that only large players could previously, and to provide staff communications, marketing collateral, and training materials that function with the kind of effectiveness, ease and efficiency that you'd expect of work from a professional designer.

It's no secret that smart, purposeful design is a crucial part of the pathway to increased revenue, footfall, and better staff training and efficiency, and we're excited to make that available to every business.

Want to talk about how we can help your business? Get in touch here.

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