The Guac Goal: A Mindset for Small Businesses.

Guacamole: A perfect supplement to an already wonderfully crafted Mexican-American sensation: the burrito. Ah, yes. Delicious, zesty, and savory, our beloved guac gives that extra rich and flavorful edge making any yummy burrito that much better. Sometimes the option can be so intoxicating that popular burrito dispensaries across the U.S. need to issue a “buyer beware” as you attempt to order. The heavenly addition to your mid-afternoon indulgence is roughly an additional $2.00.

*record scratch*

Back in 2013...

a tweet from Twitter user Kevin Farzad went viral. The tweet read:

“I just want to make enough money to never have to think twice about adding guacamole.”

Upon tweeting, hundreds of followers banded together in collective retweet harmony with the same thought: YES. But, let’s break this down. Why do so many feel so strongly towards the sentiments in this tweet? Two dollars certainly isn’t much money for the average American. It’s less than your daily cup of coffee, even. Surely plenty of people paying seven or eight dollars for a fast food burrito would not mind adding on that extra charge to enjoy their burrito in its optimal form. Right? ...Apparently not, as the retweets suggest.

I’m certainly not the only one who can say they had an obvious pregnant pause while approaching the guac basin in the burrito line. It’s so tempting, but there is still something holding you back. I logistically have no reason to be intimidated by a small up-charge. And if I’m already going out to buy something made for me instead of making myself a lunch for a lot less money, it can’t honestly be those two dollars giving me “guac anxiety.” Why do we feel this way? I would like to think that it stems from a conditioning from a long time of financial instability in us. Be it frugal parents growing up, destitute funds during college, a financially rough early adulthood, or what have you (or all of the above?). Even if you can feasibly afford the guac today, you’re conditioned to think you can’t

So what now?

I feel like I found the cause to my guac anxiety, but where does this leave me? I suggest, if you have the same conditioning like myself, to achieve a life of financial fulfillment, happiness, and contentment, try and get yourself a financial Guac Goal. A Guac Goal is a level of financial stability that allows you to enjoy the little things without stressing out. The Guac Goal is a modest way of getting yourself out and saying, “Hey, I deserve this!” The Guac Goal isn’t a lofty “when I win the lottery I’ll…” goal. It’s something realistic and achievable if you put your mind and hard work into it. It’s something I’m striving for so when I get there, I’ll have have years ahead of me that are free of stress over silly, small money quandaries that I can thank myself for. For small businesses like ourselves, try and get yourself to a comfortable level where this line of thinking can help your business thrive. Aim for the guacamole first and the big dreams will follow.

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